Data protection and security



Northern Arizona IT is Prescott’s data protection advisor. Your business is loaded with valuable data that needs protection with the utmost data security available. Our IT support specialists are proactive to create the first line of defense against security breaches, threats, and attacks.

Data is Everywhere. Protecting and Securing it is Everything.

Data is constantly being transmitted through the various different electronic channels, meaning your business’s confidential data is vulnerable to being intercepted by devious hackers and viruses who harbor personal date for malicious intent. It has been done time and time again on businesses where operating systems and servers have been infiltrated and corrupt, causing complete devastation for the company, which can cost a pretty penny to recuperate.

Let’s discuss these important terms:

What is Data Security?

This is the process of protecting data from being access by unauthorized source and protects against data corruption. Data is always being shared across multiple platforms within the business setting, implementing data security will ensure it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

What is Data Protection?

This is a safeguarding practice used to ensure business continuity and data recovery in the event of data loss, through corruption or compromised services.

First Things First – Secure and Protect Your Data

Northern Arizona IT will install the best of the industry AntiVirus and security services on your computers and servers. Our managed IT services protect you from hackers, and with infiltration, on your network we will proactively attack the threat.

Here is the Play by Play to Provide Your Business with the Best Data Security & Protection

We will maintain the system patches and make sure the security updates are installed on each of your machines. Installing a business class network firewall security is critical as it is often the first line of defense. Having a firewall that offers security services is the best level of protection. Next, we will implement a security service to make sure the traffic flowing from the internet to your computer and back to the internet is safe and secure. Lastly, we eliminate the worry of complete data loss with our business continuity solutions services to ensure streamlined business clear of any threat. With our partner DATTO, we will make sure your data is safe and secure. What happens if your critical servers have a hardware failure or a natural disaster like fire or water damage? We have the ability to turn on your servers on the Datto equipment or up in the cloud. We can perform a business continuity solution and keep your business technology up and running. Don’t risk losing everything by not getting protected. As your business grows and the amount of data increases, the more detrimental it is to implement security protocols to safeguard your company’s information. Northern Arizona IT is your network security expert for Prescott AZ and Arizona statewide.

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